India vs Afghanistan Creates Brawl At Sharda University

Sharda University situated in Greater Noida is famous for its campus and facilities that they provide to their students, be it education, faculty and their most recent initiative “Launchpad”.

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Sharda’s tagline “the world is here, where are you”  clearly tell that people from around the globe come here to study. You can find students from Africa, Afghanistan, Oman and many other African and Asian students here.

Yesterday, A Kashmiri student was beaten up after a fight broke out between groups of Indian and Afghanistan students at this private university in Greater Noida Thursday, prompting the police to book over 350 students for rioting and related offences, officials said.

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After a video surfaced on social media showing three Afghan students at the Sharda University beating up the student.

“An Indian student from Kashmir was roughed up by other Indian students who are said to have posted provocative messages on a WhatsApp group from the side of the Afghan students involved in the fight on Monday. These Indian students were apparently aggrieved over the university’s lackadaisical approach on the matter,” a senior police official told to press.

A meeting was held by the university after Thursday’s incident following which three students allegedly involved in the Monday fight were suspended.

“During the period a probe will be held to ascertain the cause of the fight and action taken against those guilty,” another police official said.

According to the police officials, no official complaint was made to the police about the scuffle that broke out Thursday in which one Indian student suffered injuries and was taken to a hospital.

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