We hear a lot of people saying that we should read books. People say that parents should inculcate readings habit in their children. But, have you ever wondered why? Why should we read books?

There is a saying that books are man’s best friend. Is this true?

I would like to agree with this statement. Books are indeed man’s best friend.

Most of the children these days do not have a habit of reading books. They are busy with their phones and gaming devices. As these mobile phones and gaming devices have become cheaper, parents now instead of buying books for their children, buy these devices for them. They are always hooked on to their devices. Children have lost interest in reading. They do not even feel like reading their textbooks. They do not know the feeling of reading a book. How it feels to hold a book in one’s hands, the smell of a new book. Nowadays, very few people read books for leisure.

Reading not only helps in improving one’s vocabulary but also enhances a person’s communication skills. By reading books, one comes across many new words and those words are added to our vocabulary. We learn the usage of that word. We also learn to form sentences, how a sentence is formed. As a result of this, our communication skills also improve. A person who has a strong vocabulary impresses everyone. It also helps to express our ideas in a better way.

Reading not only enhances our vocabulary but by reading, we also get to know about the different cultures that are present in the world. We get to know how people in other countries work. One doesn’t need a passport or a ticket to travel to different places. A book can make you travel to different places. Your ability to imagine things becomes stronger and this helps a person in writing because, in writing, one needs a good imagination power.

Personally, I love reading books. From the age of seven, I have a habit of reading books. My favorite genres are thriller and horror. I am a very big fan of detective fiction. I also do love reading classics.

According to me, children should be encouraged to read more and more books. It helps in the grooming of the overall personality of a person. These days, it is very important for a person to have a good personality. People who have their own point of views and opinions are appreciated in today’s world.

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