How to Eradicate Gender Inequality                            

India has a long history of discriminating against women. Gender inequality still exists wherever we go. This include society, workplace or commercial areas. You can see in your home too.

As a youth, I want that environment which gives equal opportunities to man and women to chase their dreams and access to all resources. We all people want to eradicate this social issue as it creates our society retarded.

We can remove the gender inequality by –

1) Women empowerment – We can empower the women by promoting their participation in every area. We must give rights to take their decisions as well. It helps our country to develop

2) Create awareness – First of all, we must create awareness among the students as they help the nation to build. we should give equal and proper education in villages, cities or undeveloped areas.

3) Reserve Seats for Women in Politics – to combat the gender inequality, the Indian government must have reserved seats for women in Colleges, government jobs etc

4) Take help of NGOs – NGOs are the voice of people. They approach the government to implement such laws which promote the gender equality.

5) Stop Foetal Sex Determination – There is an act called pre-conception and pre-natal diagnostic techniques (PCPNDT) act 1994, which aims to stop female foeticide and arrest the declining sex ratio in India. The main purpose of this act is to ban the use of sex selection techniques.

6) Role of Government – There is a great role of government to promote equality by giving the better working condition, maternity relief, right to work and education.

7) Stop Girl Marriage Before the Age of 18 or 19 – We know in India that there is insecurity in the mind of parents of girl but now the things have changed. They have to think rationally. The girl also has their dreams.

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