Hidden Games You Can Play On Google

Google, the all-powerful search engine is as amusing as it is useful. It is packed with many games that are quite enjoyable and can be accessed by using simple search terms.

Zerg Rush

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This is a tribute to Starcraft, the real-time strategy game series, but is much simpler than the video game. Search “Zerg Rush” on Google and try to eliminate the tiny Os swarming in from all directions (by clicking on them) before they eat your search results.


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Type “Pacman” into Google search and click to play the classic game from our childhood. This game remains as addictive as ever as you roam around munching on pac-dots and avoiding Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde.

Atari Breakout

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Search for “Atari Breakout” in Google Images to play the classic Breakout game with the same gameplay and challenges as the original arcade version. In this game, you use the ball to clear the blocks formed from the image search.

Garden Gnomes

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Released on 10th June 2018, this game is part of a Doodle released to celebrate Garden Day in Germany. Clicking the Doodle starts this addicting game where you use a trebuchet to catapult the poor garden gnomes as far as possible. The Doodle can be accessed from the Google Doodle Archive. (https://www.google.com/doodles/celebrating-garden-gnomes)

Halloween Doodle Game

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The 2018 Halloween Doodle allows you to play this online multi-player game where you are divided into two teams and collect little flames to take back to your base. Glide through spooky locations and collect as many flames as you can. The team with the most flames wins!   (https://www.google.com/doodles/halloween-2018)

Google Feud

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Google’s autocomplete game gives you the opportunity to think like Google and guess what word comes next in a search term. You choose from four categories that provide different questions and you get points according to how popular your guessed word is in Google autocomplete searches. (http://www.googlefeud.com/)

Smarty Pins

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Smarty Pins is a trivia quiz game which uses Google Maps to ask you questions based on Geography, Entertainment, Arts, History, etc.  You answer the questions by placing the pin on the location where you think the answer is located until you run out of ‘kilometres’, and get points according to the correct answer. This game is as entertaining as it is educational. (https://smartypins.withgoogle.com/)


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The classic card game which is probably the first game we ever played on our computers is now available through a simple Google search. Just type “Solitaire” in Google and enjoy the childhood nostalgia while playing.

Snake Game

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Another classic game that can be played on Google is the Snake game. Just type “Snake Game” into Google Search and use the arrow keys to guide your snake to eat as many apples as it can. Google’s colourful graphics make this game even more enjoyable!

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