“Healthy-Fresh-Delicious”: Farms2Famillies

We all have heard many things about organic farming, but do we know what actually organic farming is? How it is done? When it was started in India?

Organic farming is an alternative agricultural system which originated early in the 20th century in reaction to rapidly changing farming practices. It relies on fertilizers of organic origin such as compost manure, green manure, and bone meal and places emphasis on techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting. Biological pest control, mixed cropping and the fostering of insect predators are encouraged. In general, organic standards are designed to allow the use of naturally occurring substances while prohibiting or strictly limiting synthetic substances. For instance, naturally occurring pesticides such as pyrethrin and rotenone are permitted, while synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are generally prohibited.

Organic farming was practised in India for thousands of years. The great Indian civilization thrived on organic farming and was one of the most prosperous countries in the world, till the British ruled it. In traditional India, the entire agriculture was practised using organic techniques, where the fertilizers, pesticides, etc., were obtained from plant and animal products. The cow, not only provided milk but also provided bullocks for farming and dung which was used as fertilizers.

Recently we had an opportunity to take an interview with Vishwas Gupta, CEO of Farms2Families. We were excited to interview him for our new series “Stories Worth Telling”.

The very first glance of him made us believe the saying “Entrepreneur is an Artist”.

When Edison was asked why he never quit even after failing to make the light bulb about a 100 times he simply said that he found a 100 ways not to make a light bulb. Here’s a person who has come close to Edison in our very own country. Hailing from Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh Vishwas Gupta started his career after completing the rigorous course of MBA from IILM in 2008. At the peak of his career as a senior Sales professional in Reliance, he quit his job to pursue his dream of creating Rickshaw Bazaar which gained huge traction but eventually was shut down. He went on to work a few more wonders of creating an impeccable Educational Institutions and even being the campaign manager for a political party but Vishwas constantly was pushed out of all of this because of factors beyond his control. Who knew, fate had other plans for him. With his never giving up attitude as his foundation he finally turned his fathers’ profession of a common farmer into a completely new thing as he saw it from a completely different perspective. Upon deep insight, he found out how synthetic the natural process of farming had become. Finding an out of the box solution for this was born Farms2Families.

A company which started with one piece of land and expanded further and further to the present point of making 28 different varieties of completely organic vegetables which have no negative impact on the environment as well as the people as compared to the modern farming techniques. The best part about the company is that its process is completely transparent and its customers can check through live imaging their vegetables are grown on which part of the land they are allocated and they can check up the organic process they are being sold. The company also has a soft side to it which we found when a question was arisen of what happens to the vegetables if the customer is not home and the firm could not get in touch with them. Those vegetables are then donated to the nearby orphanage in the name of the customer and a receipt is provided to them. (Philanthropy already!) Overall, this company is one that should definitely be in the list of all of the health conscious people out there, gym freaks, vegans and everyone else who is fed up of the tyranny of fertilizers, synthetics and injected look good veggies.

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So go ahead, give this one a chance and we are sure you won’t regret it.

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