Have You Ever Wondered How Future was Predicted In 1900

In 1900, Hildebrand’s, a leading German chocolate company, released a set of cards predicting what the world would look like in 2000. While these predictions are still a long way from coming true, let’s take a look at what the people in 1900’s thought the future would be like through these amusing and detailed illustrations.

A Stroll On The Water

Life would be so much easier if we could just walk across lakes – less tiring than swimming and twice as much fun!

Weather Control Machine

Just point the device at the sky, flip a switch and enjoy the pleasant weather you desire.

Police X-Ray Surveillance Machine

Thieves beware! This would be such a useful invention, especially in times like these, provided the police know the exact location of the crime scene.

Roofed Cities

No need to worry about spoiling that expensive dress anymore! But then, we wouldn’t be-able to sail our paper boats.

The Moving Pavement

Reminds you of the moving stairs at Hogwarts, doesn’t it? The portable pavement with built-in benches would enable us to cross the-road without using our feet to walk.

North Pole Trip

However impossible, it is refreshing to imagine hiking up to The North Pole is as simple as depicted here.

Undersea Ships

Like a submarine with transparent windows. Just hop on and enjoy the underwater beauty.

Personal Airships

Forget cars and crowded Streets; soar across the sky in your own personal airship, high above the roofed city.

Combined Ship and Railway Locomotive

Travelling the world has never been easier! Just ferry across the oceans and continue on the roads without changing transport.

Personal Flying Machines

Fly to your destinations with these super cool wings and harnesses, and experience firsthand, what being a bird feels like.

Moving House

Fancy a change of scenery? With the moving house, you will be able to do that without ever getting out of your comfortable armchair. Just start the engine and move your house to a different neighbourhood.

Televised Outside Broadcasting

Tickets to your favourite play all sold out? No need-to worry! With this handy instrument, just gather anywhere with a screen and enjoy the theatre.

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