Gender Equality?

It is that issue of society which needed to be addressed. We usually talk about the gender equality but somewhere we fail to adopt in real life. From your own home to the outside world, there is discrimination between men and women.

There is a framework in the society that makes differences between men and women. There is no equal access to opportunities to pursue dreams for men and women.

One day my mother and father were asking about me and my brother’s career. My brother said, “I will do an engineering” and I said, “I will do a job in the corporate sector”. Surprisingly, my father said, “No!! teaching is enough for you. My mother said, ”just do marriage after your high school”. Corporates are meant for men. How will you manage so many responsibilities?? How will you face day to day challenges??

In India, many families want male children as they think that male will give more output and help to retain our generations after we will die.

Now, the women are more aware of their rights. They are ambitious and want to make use of their knowledge by working in corporate world. Entry of women in the corporate world has changed the economy in a tremendous way.

To achieve the gender equality, we should first change our thinking behaviour then we can change the world. Men and women should treat equally. They should have equal say in family decisions.

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