What is freedom? It is the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants. Our country, India, is a free country. Citizens are free to do anything. We are free to act as we like and are free to voice our own opinions. But, are we really free? Today is the 75th Independence Day and on this very day in the year 1947, India became independent from the British Rule. All the citizens of India were granted an equal status before the law and equal rights were given to each and every citizen of India regardless of his or her caste, gender, religion and class. This day marked a turning point in the history of our country India. Even after 75 years of Independence are we really free? Are all the citizens of India equal? Are we even free to exercise our rights? Are women treated equally?

“My answer to all these questions is a big NO. India is a free country but the citizens are not free.”

We people are free to exercise our rights and are free to go to a court in case of any injustice but our judicial system is very poor. We still have so many cases pending that have not reached to a conclusion. The cases keep on going for decades as the judges keep on changing and as a result the guilty is not punished or the problem is not resolved. The government has no role to play in the judicial system of our country which is not at all true. The decisions of the court are influenced by the powerful people as they have the power to manipulate the evidence and the situation. This results in faulty decisions. We are also free to voice our opinions via various media like newspapers, magazines, and televisions. But, are we really free to voice our opinions? Most of the reporters who speak against the policies of the government or anything which is not in favor of the powerful people of the country are sometimes or I should say most of the times are threatened. They are even blamed for influencing the other citizens of the country. Poor people have equal rights but most of the times they are unaware of their rights. They do not have the means to exercise their rights. Because of lack of literacy, they are not even aware of their rights and do not know when they are being exploited by the rich and the powerful. They have a poor standard of living. Women in India have always suffered. They have always been exploited and discriminated against. They have an equal right to work and get paid for their work but they still are not paid equally for their work. Men doing the same thing as they are paid more. Women are not free to roam around not because there is some rule that stops them but because of the type of people who are present in our country. Women are not safe to travel alone at night because they have the fear of being attacked by someone. They live in constant fear which lasts their whole life. India is definitely a free country where we are allowed to choose our own leaders but its citizens are still not free. Freedom in India is a myth.

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