Few Lessons Learnt During Epidemic

1. The United States is not, at this point the world’s driving nation.

How USA Became the Only Super Power of the World?

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2. China won the third World War without terminating a rocket and nobody could deal with it.

China – Eight Rounds for the World Economic Heavyweight Crown

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3. Europeans are not as Educated as they appear.


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4. Rich Individuals are in truth less Insusceptible than Poor People.

Women Are Substantially Less Likely To Die From Coronavirus Due To ...

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5. We and the Kids Can Survive without Junk Food.

World Food Day 2019: encouraging healthy diets for a #zerohunger ...

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6. No Pooja, Dua, Poojari, Ustaads or God saved patients.

Bihar - No state for Havan and Puja - TFIPOST

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7. People are genuine infections on the planet.

Coronavirus prevention is tough even for public health experts ...

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8. How creatures feel in the zoo.

Smart Zoo Knows Exactly Who Should Be In Cages - The Dodo

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9. The planet recovers rapidly without people into play.

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10. Everyone Should Know Cooking.

Indian Family Cooking Stock Videos & Royalty-free Footage - Getty ...

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