Feeling Lazy? Check these 5 Websites to help you to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is a student’s worst enemy. Like a clever foe, it creeps up on you with stealth, manipulates you, and before you know it, it’s the next morning and that assignment you were supposed to finish is gathering dust in the corner. If you’re going to use the internet anyway, why not use it to increase your focus instead of getting distracted? Here are some anti-procrastination websites that can help you master your time:


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This program allows you to block websites that are a source of distraction and includes features that make it impossible to bypass your scheduled internet blocks. It helps you go cold turkey from addicting websites for as long as you wish. The program helps you in developing a schedule and limit your time on selected websites, to ensure maximum productivity in limited time.


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StickK is a site that makes your goals public for everyone to observe. You create a goal and set a timeline set up some stakes, get support, and hopefully share your eventual success. It is helpful for completing your goals as the community keeps a check on you and can hold you accountable. And it feels great to receive congratulations upon a goal completion!


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This program keeps track of all your online activities and gives an accurate picture of the time you spend on various websites and applications. It helps you in identifying the sites where you spend most of your time and hopefully, urge you to stop wasting time.


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Coffitivity is a useful site when you need to focus while working. It creates the atmosphere of a coffee shop for you to listen while spending time on your computer and helps boost creativity. And it’s supported by science to help you work more efficiently!

Productivity Owl

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This is a Chrome extension that is really useful to help you stop procrastinating. If you’re procrastinating on a website, the owl swoops in and closes the tabs you’re wasting your time on. The owl is present on every page and allows you a set amount of time to get the information you need before it closes the tab. This creates a system where you learn to work efficiently and beat procrastination.

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