School can never be A mere structure of stone and bricks It is constructed out of Successes, failures, first love And Heartbreaks How much you might try To leave your school You’ll always miss it Once you leave I resented you when I remained Within you but as soon as I left I realized I missed nothing More than you. After twelve long years You said it’s over My school’s old rusty gate I still miss you We danced and grooved We laughed and we cried Then school came to an end And the real life began That’s when I realized That we had started with a Simple hello but ended With a complicated goodbye The end has come and Tears fall from my eyes Even though I say goodbye, I don’t want to leave my school I just hope to rewind the clock So that I could spend those Wonderful days just one more time. And then finally the day came When I wrote my last exam And took off my school uniform But never wore it back. Never had I realized before That looking back on such happy times Would make me cry so much, But then I understood how lucky I am to have something that Makes saying goodbye so hard.

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