Fake Faces for Fake World

In today’s scenario, everybody wants to show their happiness towards the real world but in real life, it does not indeed happen. Usually, we do not share our real side. When I step out to my house, I see fake faces everywhere which are also looking back at me but it matters how we present ourselves.

Social media is an online communication channel in which people are able to connect with their relatives, friend or colleagues to exchange the messages or sharing information. Nowadays, people are using the social networking sites in the wrong manner. Are you on social media? Yes then well good. If not, then it’s your choice buddy.

Some people manipulated their social media presentations. How we present us in social media such as Facebook or Instagram. It is not us and when we see others looking like that on social media. It’s not them. Is it really matter that how you behave in front of people. Every second, I think that this guy has a good profile. He will be enjoying a joyful life. It may not be a truth. By doing this, you just hiding their feeling or emotions. Please don’t take care about what the other people will think about you. People will taunt you at today and tomorrow also but after some time, they will forget about that but what will happen to you

Everybody in the universe has a problem whether it is major or minor. Life is not only about the happiness, it has sadness too. Everything has two aspects even in the accounting. So, live every second of life to the fullest with the real smile in the real world ?

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