Emerald Solitude

Beautiful, my garden blooms

From the tears of my solitude

My grief embraces

The mask that chokes me

Run, this castle is ugly

The thorns you cannot see

You, who came in the moonlight

Who are you?

The wind that blows

Hugs me with your warmth

Before you run away again

Could you tell me your name?

If I close my eyes tonight

Maybe I’ll forget your smile

Easier to pretend

You were a beautiful dream

But still, I hide and see

Your hand that touches my garden

I know I can’t show you

Me beneath this mask

I cannot get close to you

This distance is my fate

I cannot show you my ruined self

But I still want you

A flower, most precious

In my garden, just for you

I wanted to gift

But I cannot remove this mask

I’m afraid you’ll leave

This shattered monster behind

All I can do is hope

Behind my broken castle

This flower waits for you

In my garden of loneliness

All I can do is wear this mask

But I still need you

Maybe if I had the courage

To stand before you

Back then, when this flower bloomed

Would everything be different?

Would you be standing here

Still shining my world?

Maybe if I had held the hand

That touched the beautiful flower.

I’m crying

Beneath my broken mask

Left alone in this castle

I still want you.

(Based on the legend of the Smeraldo Flower)

-Deepali Singh

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