Ecochirp Launchpad Program 2020

Ecochirp Launchpad Programme 2020 is for all the enviropreneurs who care for the environment and desire to make a significant difference in the world. Currently, the entire world is battling COVID-19. The situations are miserable and will probably make more destruction in the coming months.

If you think, COVID is the biggest calamity we will face in this decade, then you are not aware of various major human-made issues, that are growing to a monstrous ready to devour the human life in the queue. We will soon confront the repercussions of our own actions. We have damaged the environment and still continue the unsustainable practices.

Why ELP?

Concerned researchers are looking for ways, ideas, and resources to combat the issues. But the biggest change drivers aren’t researchers, they are the enthusiastic youth. The youth are the biggest sustainability warriors who can work for and enforce sustainability and environment-friendly practices. They have the energy and motivation to work for the cause and bring change.


Who all are invited?

ELP 2020 is for such change-makers with a potentially world-changing idea. It is for the budding enviropreneurs who wish to create positive a positive impact. We are looking for youth-led early-stage/ ideation stage solutions that can combat environmental problems.

The Process

ELP 2020 is a 12-week launchpad program for youth-led environmental solutions for students below 24 years of age. It is a virtual launchpad program with weekly learning modules that include webinars, mentoring sessions, and weekly tasks that will support students to take their solution from idea to a validated business plan.


Key Features

  1. Series of webinars by industrial experts

  2. Mentorship support

  3. Funding/incubation opportunity for the winners at the end of the program.

Only 12 selected enviropreneurs will be the part of this life-changing launchpad program and will get an opportunity to learn from India’s best industrial experts. The winning projects will receive incubation/funding opportunity at end of program.


We are giving away a need-based scholarship for the deserving candidates. Up to 100% scholarship is available for the students.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go apply for the Ecochirp Launchpad program and come along on an exhilarating journey.


Click Here to apply.

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