Early Symptoms of Depression

On 10th of October every year the world celebrates Mental Health Day in order to spread awareness and educate people about mental health problems. It is really shocking and heartbreaking to know that one out of four people have suffered or will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lives.

The most common form of mental illnesses that people experience is depression. In countries where mental illness is still not accepted as an actual illness, depression is often difficult to recognize because people may dismiss it as moodiness. Moreover, depressed people find it difficult to express their feelings and are often unaware of the symptoms of depression. This prevents them from seeking help.

It is therefore necessary to recognise these symptoms and help the person concerned before their condition worsens. Some early signs of depression are listed below:

Trouble Sleeping

Depressed people often have trouble sleeping at night.  Their depressive episodes are most often marked with sleepless and troubled nights and thoughts of sad, unhappy things. On the other hand, some depressed people may not want to get out of bed at all and may sleep for long hours.

Increase in Energy

Despite lacking motivation and having a slow demeanour, depressed people may randomly become very energetic. This usually happens when they make a decision to do something drastic, like ending their lives. This energy is stemmed from the sense of relief they feel in having come to a resolution.

Loss of Interest

Hobbies are often seen as a getaway for people when they’re feeling blue, but people with depression tend to avoid them. They shy away from things that usually gave them happiness and as a result, forget how to enjoy their days. If a person is suddenly not interested in doing the things they loved to do, then it’s a red flag.

Change in Appetite

People tend to overeat when they’re depressed as a way of “eating their feelings”. But people with severe depression may stop eating at all, as they are most likely not concerned about their physical health anymore. This lack of interest in maintaining their well-being is often accompanied with a disregard for personal hygiene as well.

A Dark Side

People with depression may become preoccupied with death and other gloomy thoughts. Their talks maybe about what things will be like ‘after they are gone’. Such people are also more likely to take uncalculated risks and loose fear of any consequences.

So, if you notice anyone around you exhibiting these symptoms come forward and take an action. Talk to the person concerned and seek help for them. If you yourself are a victim of depression, remember that you are not alone. This feeling of utter hopelessness will pass and one day, you’ll be happy again. Don’t keep your feelings bottled inside, and instead seek help from someone you trust.

Your life, and millions of lives like yours can be saved, you just have to talk.al