Dreams Crushed

France beats Argentina(4-3) and Uruguay beats Portugal(2-1) , a depressing day for both Messi and CR7 fans. This could be the last world cup for both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as both are now 30+.

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  1. In the first 15 minutes, France took control of the game with Antoine Griezmann’s goal.

  2. After a long drama Argentina was able to come back in the game with Angel di Maria’s goal . (1-1)

  3. After half time, Argentina seemed to be in form as a free kick resulted into a goal and once again Argentina took the lead.

  4. It seems pretty well for Argentina fans, but Benjamin Pavard’s goal took away the happiness of these fans .(2-2)

  5. After this event Mbappe scored two goals, and once again the fans were in grief.

  6. France taking control, made it seem impossible for Argentina to gain the momentum again.

  7. In the last four minutes Argentina scored a goal, but unfortunately a single goal cannot help them to qualify for the quarter finals.

  8. France won by 4-3.

Uruguay vs Portugal

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  1. A goal was witnessed in the first 7 minutes of the game, scored by Edinson Cavani.

  2. 1st half was full of drama, but Uruguay won the first half of the battle.

  3. After the first half the score was 1-0.

  4. Second half was also full of drama, Pepe scored in the 55th minute and helped Portugal get back in the competition for the quarter finals.

  5. After 7 minutes, Uruguay scored a goal and once again took the lead.

  6. Edinson Cavani scored another goal in the 62nd minute of this 90 minute long action drama.

  7. After the series of some fouls and free kicks, Portugal was not able to score and the final whistle was blown by the referee.

  8. Uruguay won by 2-1