Don’t Procrastinate Every Time,

Every time I want to do something but sometimes, I just delay to go further. Most of the time, we say that I will do or I must do. So firstly, leave this habit. Don’t leave your work for the future. Just start now and do now. Future is uncertain. Nobody knows what will happen in future. Firstly you have to promise that I will start it now. Always keep focused. The goals which you have made, just try to execute these objectives in life and follow that path. If you think yourself weak today, you will become weak for the future and depend on some another time. This does not lead to reduce your work, even this doubles your work.

Let me tell you a real-life example:

Everyday with the enormity of alarm, I have to get up for the early lectures but sometimes, I am reluctant to attend that particular lecture just for laziness and at the end of the semester, I get to know about the low attendance. It is due to my stupidity. So do your work with the time. Once time will go, never come. Walk with the present time but not the future time.

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