It’s been a long time since my death. There was a time when people liked to stay around me but that has been long gone. There was also a time when I struggled to avoid these people around me but now after death, I miss them. These worldly pleasures are eternal. I liked creating a fuss about and around me. But now I want people to know the real me. I bet there is not a single person in this world who can tell the truth about me. I was a mystery in myself and honestly, I liked it. Whoever was close to me is now not an inch close to me. They were able to come close because I wanted them to. I was really a materialistic man and I treated people as objects. Throughout life, I was wearing a mask of humbleness. Sometimes it was really difficult to keep up with the expectations of the mask. I had to control kicking some people straight in the crotch, I can’t regret anything more. I myself mistook the mask for me, it felt as if betraying my own identity. A person should carry his own self. I moved too fast for my soul to catch up. The soul was long lost in the run, stuffed with matters that didn’t matter, I lost myself. And died with no soul. These worldly pleasures are eternal.

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