DC Shows Season Premiers Analysed: “Somethings Cooking”

This month DC’s streaming service debuted which includes all their TV series, Cartoon series and Movies till date. It is exclusively available in the US. Their most anticipated series Titans debuted on the platform and it is well received by the critics and as well as by the audience.

Also this month a bunch of DC TV series are back with their new season. Let’s see what is going in the minds of creators of these TV series.

Arrow Season 7

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We did not see this coming! Let’s be honest here for a while, we knew from the trailer there would be a new Green Arrow running in town while Oliver’s locked up but who knew that Green Arrow, would have come back in time. Say what? We see those signature Arrow Flashbacks through out the episode but no more are they of Oliver Queen, but rather those of his son William Queen. We see William go back to Lian Yu and dig up the graves of Robert Queen and eventually run into an Older Red Arrow AKA Roy Harper. Team Arrow has sunken into a monotonous life. Dinah Lance sets into the shoes of the new police captain, Laurel AKA Black Siren has become the new DA, Rene becomes a self-defense instructor in the Glades and John and Curtis have joined into ARGUS. Oliver starts keeping his head down in prison in the hopes of an early release while felicity and William go into WITSEC. The new Green Arrow has started stirring up the city and is seen to be crossing off names from a list similar to the hood in Season 1. We can expect some answers in the upcoming cross over of Else World.

Flash Season 5

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The Flash as always had another beautiful season premier where we see Nora West travel back in time to her father. Although the Villain of this season, once again, a non-speedster is Cicada who is seen running around killing meta humans. Flash finally gets his ring suit and finds out the truth about the article where we discover that the Flash actually never comes back when he disappears even after 25 years. A lot of unanswered questions have gone around as to why Nora never showed up before the Satellite Crash and why she has a unknown but passive anger towards her mother, Iris West-Allen.

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4

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With the main villain still unclear, one thing is for sure, John Constantine is about to join the legends team and he has some demons to face from a cage that has been broken while the legends freed Maullus in last season and fought them with the help of Beebo( What was that all about?). We sure hope the Legends make up in this season for their mistakes of last season as it was not much of a surprise and quite mediocre, to be honest. Much cannot be said about the Season at the moment except stay tuned for the near future and for what the legends have in store.

Supergirl Season 4

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The season took off to a normal start with featuring Mercy and Otis Graves as the negative with Agent Liberty working alongside them. The agenda of this season seems to be that of Aliens and Humans living in harmony and not being able to do that. Along with the negative additions we also see a new addition of Nia Null AKA DreamGirl who as of yet has not revealed her superhuman side but what has us fascinated is her human side and how she is quite an inspiration. In the second episode, it is revealed Nia was born a transgender and had trouble fitting in which links to our worlds transgender issues and also with the fact of how aliens and humans are quite similar to our LGBT issues. Even though the season picks off on a light start and not as heavy as the Flash or Arrow we can sure hope it has some surprises in store for us.

Black Lightning Season 2: The Book Of Consequences

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Picking off from where it left off, we do not see a new villain but the same as Season 1 of Tobias Whale and having conquered the briefcase of Proctor which has not yet seen to a conclusion or meaning. The season seems to be focusing on the adjusting of Green Light affected kids with the normal society and also the Pierce family trying to pick up their pieces and trying to get back together. The show sure has some twists and with Thunder adjusting to her new powers and learning the heroic lessons she has while also finding the border of a hero and a vigilante along with the help of her father. Jefferson Pierce in the meanwhile is also facing issues while fighting off and protecting the school from the board. Not yet established a storyline, we sure hope to see Black Lightning stop into the Arrow-verse while the Elseworld crossover begins.

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