Daredevil Season 3: A “Bulls eye” On Your List Of Must-Watch

With Netflix Series being cancelled left right and centre, a moment of peace for Luke Cage(not you Iron Fist) we have our fingers crossed for Daredevil and after watching Season 3 we are literally on our knees hoping that this one never gets cancelled.

The season 3 of Daredevil is a gut-wrenching thrilling which forced us to go from watching the season to binge-watching all 13 episodes in one go!  We can vouch it will be the same for you too.

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This season finally brings all characters in their true original persona, the aftermath of Defenders shows us how Matt Murdock linking to his comic character and we see a major part of his Christian side and him losing his faith to finding it again.

A special minute of applause for Charlie Cox does complete and utter justice to the role of Daredevil and more. Over the series, we see a little bit of Batman(oops!) in him as he tries to push people away and loses his faith in God and constantly quotes Job and relates to him. We see major revelation being made as we find out about the origin of Karen Page and BullsEye AKA Bill Poindexter although BullsEye is not truly formed in this Season as Daredevil hadn’t been in Season 1 but the origin story and the character analysis of BullsEye are plain and simply beautiful to watch.

Wilson Fisk manipulates the FBI agent to put on the Daredevil suit and parade around killing people and slander the good name of the Devil of Hells Kitchen which Matt Murdock tries to prevent with all of his newfound anger and pain. Daredevil faces the dilemma of crossing the killing line once he learns the fact about Wilson Fisk AKA KingPin being released from Jail.

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Talking about KingPin, this might just be the one series where you actually might start rooting for the villain.

Wilson Fisk takes us on the most drastic roller-coaster ride of suspense as he almost always outperforms Matt and Foggy and Karen in their desperate attempts to beat him.

Being the evil mastermind with manipulative explanations so good even the viewers might believe them for a second. He always stays 5 steps ahead and gives the series more twists and turns than a Russian ballerina. Bringing Bullseye under his wing and eventually losing him in the final outcome of turning him against himself by his manipulative means.

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In conclusion, we’d beg you to watch this one right now as soon as you close this tab (after liking, sharing and subscribing to us of course) and binge-watch this season and if you haven’t seen the previous seasons, first of all, shame on you and second why are you still reading this, Go watch them!!

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