Cricket+AI= No Umpires Needed

AI is widely being used everywhere, we are surrounded by it. Technology is widely being used in sports for many years in the form of helping the experts, referee, and umpire for better decisions. Now companies like Kookaburra is working on new technology which would benefit umpires and help them in giving better, precise decisions.

Mostly Kookaburra balls are used in cricket across many different formats, the ball manufacturer has announced a smart ball that will change the way of playing cricket. They were developing the smartball from past 2 years in association with SportCor as their technology partner. This ball will have the capability of measuring the speed, will include the information on whether the ball nicked the bat, whether ball has hit the grass on low catches – improving umpiring decisions.

The ball hasn’t been tested enough to be used in international matches, but it is likely to be tested in T20 matches first. By next year, the smartball may introduce to all format of the crickets

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This technology will bring some improvement in the game of cricket but on the other hand, these balls will eat up the job of umpires, as the chip embedded in them will do more than half of the job that umpire does.

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