Crazy Rich Asians: “Finally Released in India”

So, finally, we got to see the rom-com of the year 2018 and boy did we love it! The movie was exceptionally well presented and gave us all the great vibes that one could possibly ask for. Not just another evil stepmom and to-be bride humour, this movie dealt with so much more than that. So if you haven’t already seen this we bet you will by the end of this article.

The movie revolves around the completely normal life of Rachel Chu(Constance Wu) and Nick Young(Henry Golding) two New Yorkers who are completely in love. Rachel is a professor at NYU and who thinks of Nick as just another plain New Yorker until she finds out his reality. The couple plan to meet Nicks family in Singapore for his best friends wedding, to which he is to be the best man of. It starts with being bumped into first class on the plane but later turns into finding out a complete mansion and the Youngs technically being the virtual owners of every property in Singapore. Due to a reporter spreading rumour and having the hottest bachelor of all of Singapore be dating someone who is neither loyalty nor a celebrity rather a commoner, Nick Youngs overprotective and controlling mother Eleanor constantly undermines Rachel upon meeting her to which she too tries stands tall and strong but if she succeeds or not is an answer we will leave for you to find out for.

We also see the different family troubles and different types of trouble one go through. The rich and commoner difference is quite focused in the movie as we also see Nick’s sister Astrid who has also married a commoner and goes through different marital troubles. Family values and Chinese culture is highly depicted in the movie and is beautifully shown at that. The bling and luxury were so vast, that at one point you would be forced to think if they are actually richer than Bill Gates which makes the movie a fun experience overall.

The bridging gap of two people who come from two completely different universes is exceptionally well presented and even you’re not one who’s a romantic, you should go for the comedy which is visibly present and not at all excessive or dark. So bring your friend, significant other or even your family along cause this is one which is for all.

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