Can You Master Your Mind?

How often do we look at successful people and feel intimidated and jealous? We are either forced to admire them or hate them. We think of how much better, smarter and more driven they are.

But if we were to look closer we would see at the core of every great person lies a series of simple decisions. Success comes not just from luck and smartness, but from simple choices that ultimately define who we are and what we become. To become successful, we first have to empower ourselves and learn to love and appreciate all our flaws. And to do so, we have to start from the simplest step; our thoughts

Our mind is our biggest asset, but also our biggest obstacle. It is the most important tool at our disposal, but it is useless if we don’t know how to apply it. Here are some steps that can help us to learn how to befriend our mind, become its master and allow us to walk on the path of self-awareness.

Control your reaction

We are often faced with an undesirable situation in life that is not in our control and which leaves us feeling helpless and frustrated. Not being able to control people and situations doesn’t mean you’re powerless; it just means that you have to control your reaction towards them. If you can’t control a situation, then prepare for it.  Instead of losing temper, it is more helpful when you accept the obstacle in front of you and try to work on finding the solution. This will help you to slowly build patience and resistance to an undesirable situation. We’re often so fixated on getting people to behave the way we want that we forget to focus on ourselves. The best way to stop people and situations from controlling your life is to take charge of your own decisions and become stronger and smarter.

Watch for self-criticism

Your unconscious mind is your greatest critic. It is imperative to always speak to it in positives. Having a cynical attitude about every action you do only give you more reason to become sad and confused. Instead, praise yourself for any kind thing you did today, no matter how small it is. Change your self-talk and you’ll be on a fast track to a more positive and empowered relationship with yourself and the world.

Do not overthink

Humans have a tendency to overcomplicate things because we overthink them. It is therefore important to take a step back and remember your priorities and make the right decision.  Don’t wallow in self pity or spend useless time thinking about that one mistake you made. Learn to appreciate your choices and move on.

Listen to yourself

Whenever things get confusing, close your eyes and think about yourself. The key to becoming self aware is to recognize your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Sort out your priorities and goals and work towards their fulfillment without getting distracted.

Reward Yourself

Once you complete your goal, it is important to reward yourself, no matter how big or small your achievement was. This helps is keeping us motivated and makes the tasks seem enjoyable. But it is important to be honest to yourself. The reward system will work as a motivation only as long as you didn’t cheat on your goal.

Smile and Relax

Smiling is infectious; not only will it make you happier it will attract people with the same positive energy around you. Throughout your day, take a moment to breathe. It’s as simple as remembering to take a deep breath. By doing so, you are giving a command to your mind to relax. And a relaxed mind is an open mind. It will also develop your discipline, which leads to even more self-mastery.

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