Brodha V: The Genius Strikes Again

It was around in late 2012 when I heard him for the first time. “On My Own” a track of Brodha V featuring Avinash was aired on MTV Roots and since then I’ve been a fan. I remember jotting down the lyrics of the song in my then diary. Mumbling the tune and rapping to the song was my favorite time-pass. After Eminem,(P.S. not comparing him or calling him Indian Eminem) he was the one to receive that kind of affection from me.

Brodha V
Unleash my rage through Music intense, The cultural shock that got my whole community tensed, That’s when I, close my eyes and talk to God Peace in my head, I’m singing this song and it goes like, Aathma Raama Aananda Ramana Achyutha Keshava Hari Narayana

So, look into my fangs as you driven to panic Satanic madness when a maniac is smilin back from the attic Imma ravenous animal like cannibal, fan of Hannibal Like a savage I fantasize havin mammals as cereal And, flyest of rappers surrender to my murderous flow Anaconda around my neck and I still cannot choke And its right if anyone told you that I’m one in a billion

In 2013, he released his single After Party, to be honest, I didn’t like it. Then in 2014, he came up with “Agiri Nandni” it was good but was missing his vibe. And after that, three singles in 2016 “Round Round”, In 2017″Let Em Talk” and in 2018 “Way Too Easy”. I was almost sure that he had lost that vibe for me. But Today he released yet another single “Shook Ones” and I kid you not, its great. For me, he’s back.

Please, you had no struggles, you got no scars Plus your raps are like Gujarat, they got no bars

His sick flow with lyrical genius is back.

Mangle you with the grammar like I’m Shashi Tharoor I bet you’ll never see me coming like an ugly masseuse

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