Black Mirror.. Yes, Please Do Watch this Netflix's Series

2. Hang the DJ – This is my top favorite episode in the entire series. Maybe because I hope it comes true in the near future; In this brilliant episode, two people are set up on a blind date for a certain period of time and they must stay with each other to test compatibility. However, they are only set together for a limited amount of time and they must not check how long they have with each other. If they do check the time there are consequences.

3. White Bear – In this episode, a woman wakes up and finds herself stuck in madness. She is running for her life while she is also trying to understand the madness. This is also a must watch.

4. Nosedive – If you are a social media lover like most people, this episode is made for you. This episode brilliantly depicts where our social media obsession is taking us in the near future through a woman’s eyes who has an average social media rating.

5. Black museum – This episode complies with three different stories together which depict the advancement of technology in the near future and how tech may be misused in the future.

6. White Christmas – This episode is another one of my favorite’s; in this episode similar to how we can block people on social media, its shown that people can block or unblock you in real life (the blocking blurs out the faces so blocked people cant see or hear each other). This is a very interesting episode to watch.

Sapiens point of view: Overall this series is great for anyone who is actively involved in the newly introduced technology or has a passion for sci-fi. In saying that, I personally am neither a technology nor a sci-fi person yet I still enjoy these episodes. Each episode has an appealing story which is full of surprises and enjoyable for most viewers. Sherry Arora

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