Best Way To Deal With The Fear Of COVID-19 Is To Eat It.

You guys must be thinking, what kind of shit is this. People are dying due to this virus, you are telling us to eat it so that we can die ASAP (Funny….). But what if we tell you that people in Vietnam are practising this cult thing to beat the fear of Coronavirus. (psychologically)

Corona Burgers Are The New Trend-Telugu Food And Diet News

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That’s the philosophy of a chef in Vietnam who is trying to boost the confidence of people present in the capital by selling coronavirus shaped burgers. His ideology clearly reflects that “the best way to deal with your problems is to face them”, and he is successful in injecting his ideology in the Vietnamese capital.

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They told in one interview that they are able to sell 50 coronavirus shaped burgers in a day, despite the growing number of business in Vietnam have been forced to shut close down due to virus.

“This coronavirus is very dangerous. But if we eat a burger in its shape, in our minds, it’s like we are already victorious.” Quy

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