Aurat: Breaking Stereotype Barriers

Female safety in the world is a big concern now. There is no single country in the world where women are not disrespected and discriminated against. It’s not such a matter of concern with some countries but, with some, it is. I’m pretty sure that all of you know that from who females are to be saved and protected. Of-course it’s we, males. We very well know that we are the reason for all the miseries and problems caused to females and who else is there who can harm them? Generally, males like to be superior. We always want to be on top and we can not stand a sight of females ahead of us. Am I right? It hurts the pride, ego and beliefs of males when they see females progressing and try to put them down by any of the ways possible. The various ways males could adopt may be direct or indirect. Just focusing on self-satisfaction and enjoyment. We have superiority complex and there’s no denial to that. What we fail to understand is that females are no less than us. We need females more than they need us but this doesn’t mean that we’ll take them for granted and for our inhuman and disgusting selfish needs and self-fulfilment. I’m not very sure of other countries but, I’m from India. I know the current status of female safety in India. It’s not up-to mark and no one is able to give any reason for it. There was a time when we were famous in the world for being a country where females are respected, adored, idolised and worshiped. Now our country is known as the country where females are raped, molested, humiliated and viewed with wolf eyes. The reason why people do not take female safety seriously is because most of them want to live a peaceful life and avoid any type of hardship and issues. They tend to ignore such things because they feel that intervening would cause problems to them too. Now days, crimes such as eve teasing, sexual harassment etc happen in broad day light in front of people’s eye and they remain quite just to avoid causing problem to themselves. I think that it’s high time to realise that the moment you keep your mouth shut, you lose all your respect and humanism in the victim’s eye. It simply means that you aren’t brave enough to speak up against wrong. Don’t be coward! You should see these social issues as your own. You should realise the worth of being capable enough to protect and support females be it in your family or outside. Don’t use something that you have against females rather, use it to safeguard them. I’m not saying that females aren’t capable of protecting themselves, what I’m saying is that people irrespective of the gender, should stand against any type of crime being done to females in public. I’d like to share my experience with you. I was in Delhi metro travelling to Saket and I noticed a man (must be around 40-45) standing behind a female (must be around 26-30) with his front stuck to her back. That was quite disgusting! Eventually when the lady realised, she turned back and objected the man as a result of which he started to malign her. She was feeling disgusted and was ashamed of her self and you know what someone very close to me told that when such things happen, it takes a lot of strength to fight back because you know that no one will be at your side and you’ll have to go through a lot of unnecessary nonsense. That was the time when I decided to step in and stop the man from speaking nonsense. Imagine how bad it would be when you know that another person is wrong and still you are being blamed for their wrong. So, everything now settled. Gradually I noticed the behaviour of that man. It was awkward. Of-course his ego and pride were hurt and he was seeking to take revenge. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see what was coming. Now his station came and while he was getting out of the metro, he groped and pushed the lady from behind. I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing his collar, pulling him inside and slapping him on the face. Theoretically I did right but, internally I was shivering and feeling nervous for what I did. Imagine a 19-year-old slapping a person who’d be between 40-45. So, after I slapped him, I told him to be in his limits and these were the 4 words I told him after this he got down and went away. This other guy standing next to me said that he was afraid of me, though I don’t think this might be the reason. What I thought of was that he must be ashamed of what he did and in order to hide embarrassment and humiliation he thought of slipping away. I wasn’t relaxed after this. What went on my mind was that how the lady must be feeling at the moment. How unprotected and unsafe she is. Somehow, she controlled her tears from pouring out of her eyes but that was equally scary and hurting for me. I thought that this could happen with my loved ones too. On the other hand, I’d even like to say that you(females) can not expect others to improve in their thinking, manners, behaviour, mindset, ideologies and appeal towards females. In general, one can not expect anything from anyone and why should you even expect anything? Aren’t you capable enough to fulfil your expectations yourself? Speak up for yourself. In fact, god only help those who helps themselves. If you yourself are not fighting for the wrong being done to you then who else will? Just hoping that the government, police, people around you would help you when you need them won’t happen. When you can be better than males in everything then why not self-defence? I’m not advising you to carry knifes and pistols as they are banned in most of the places but, at least you could carry nunchakus and pepper spray. Though you don’t need to carry this but, there are some hungry men out there who are ready to feed upon you at any time they find you lonely and helpless. You cannot change people’s mentality and beliefs nor anyone else can. This is to be taken care from the birth. It’s the upbringing, values and manners that parents give their child. Apart from this, you could learn mixed martial arts, karate, boxing and some more self-defence techniques. Even though the government, police, people around could help you still, make up your mind that you have to fight this alone and there will be no one to help you out. Having made up your mind this way would make you more self-reliant and high on will power to kick some jerks. I’d like to ask all the males what if there is your sister, friend, mother at the victim’s place? Would you keep shut? Acquiring some courage to speak up against any type of wrong makes you a better and strong person. You not only grow but, you develop as well. You become a good, selfless and helping personality and have positive thinking and pleasing nature. You inspire and motivate others to speak up against the wrong too. The vibes you possess and the attitude you have determines that you’ll not be keeping quite seeing any type of discrimination and crime being done to any person. At the end I’d like to say that a Man without a Woman is nothing. Shaurya Sharma

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