Aquaman : Jason Momoa Drowns You In Feelings For DCEU

Well, DCEU has done it again(like every other time). Aquaman hit the screens this week and if you have seen it already (shame on you if you haven’t) you know it hit you in places of your heart you didn’t know existed. Aquaman is what you get when you have a simple and unique storyline with extraordinary direction and overwhelming CGI, a dash of great actors like William Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman and a whole lot of Jason Momoa!

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The timeline of the story is placed post-Steppenwolf, where Aquaman has returned to land and is now just helping people and solving problems. We see a dark side of him as he deals with dilemmas in a day to day operations and comes to solutions which are quite debatable. The movie has a lot of storylines playing together but none of them ever seem wasted or unimportant. A special tip of the hat to the director, James Wan, for the exquisite storyline of Atlanta and Tom Curry which will have you crying in bed for a love like that. The fight choreography has been brilliantly done which will have you grasping the seat handles, especially during the fight between Aquaman and Orm. Speaking of Orm, Patrick Wilson has once again proved himself that even after 9 years(Watchmen) he has still got it! Even if he plays the negative side of the story.

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Now, to call out the elephant in the room. You HAVE to have heard the dogs barking on your street that Aquaman has a significant resemblance to some purple panther or a sparkly god but here it is. Dogs chase cars doesn’t mean they can drive one. Like every DCEU film, Aquaman too has a certain depth to it that only a few notices. A man goes back to his own kingdom that he denies from ruling because he knows the people had his mother killed and goes back only to save the kingdom where people don’t care about him so much so. The exquisitely beautiful scene was when Aquaman deals with  Black Manta situation and how he creates them. We can see DC returning to its dark side.

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Overall, we would say this, if you haven’t seen it already, rush off to your nearest cinema hall and watch it right now!

(Experience it in IMAX 3D, the graphics are totally badass!)

Rating: 4.5/5

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