Anime That Will Make You To Watch More

Everybody loves to watch tv series, web series and such other kinds of stuff. Have you wonder watching an anime. Usually, people think anime is a childish thing because it is a cartoon in lay-man terms. I am going to tell you about a few anime, that will re-define your idea about anime.

Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

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If you are a Harry Potter fan and loves to see a character’s growth during the series just like in Harry Potter. Then this series is for you. Its genre is fantasy and superhero fiction. The story starts with a planet similar to our earth, people there possess quirks or special ability. It was all started in China, Qingqing city.

A boy was born which was emitting light from his body. From then people are discovering various quirks among themselves. There are over 80% of the population who possess quirks. Now there is our protagonist named Izuku Midoriya who was born without a quirk and he wishes to become a hero like All Might (No.1 hero of Japan).

Accidently Midoriya meets the All Might and that is how the plot takes the twist. All Might sees Midoriya as a younger version of himself. So, he decided to give his quirk to Midoriya, so that the legacy of One for All quirk shall be maintained. This Anime has 4 seasons till now, 5th will be coming soon.

Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

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This anime was released last year, and it has also received the best anime of the year. Its genre is action, fantasy, and thriller. The story starts with our protagonist “Tanjiro Kamado”, he lives on a mountain with his family of 6 people. Tanjiro sells wood and coal to earn his living.

One day, following his daily routine he got late to go home and night falls. Because of that, he had to stay at his uncle’s house. The next day, when he reached home, he found out that his family got slaughtered by a demon. But her sister Nezuko was alive but she was in a bad condition. He decided to take her to the doctor. When they were heading towards the doctor she behaved abnormally, later Tanjiro came to know that her sister has become a demon.

Here, the plot builds when Tanjiro decided to join Demon Slayer Corps (an organization that fights against powerful demons and they are not recognized by the government). The fighting scenes, animation, and storytelling had amazingly done in this anime. Currently, there is only one season and this year a movie will also come which continues the story of season one.

Tsuki ga Kirei (As the moon so beautiful)

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If you like romantic films like Romeo Juliet, Titanic, Laila Majnu (Bollywood), etc. Then this anime is perfect for you. This anime has shown a little bit of reality of dating, usually those who feel shy. While watching this anime you will get to know why its name is “As the moon so beautiful”.

The story starts with a new school session as children’s classes got shuffled, it’s a final year of junior high and both the protagonist Kotarou Azami, an aspiring writer, who aims to become a novelist and Akane Mizuno, an athlete, who is in “track and field club”, ends up in the same class. Initially, they barely know each other but fate made them meet each other. Later they fall in love. Animation and story make this anime awesome. Unlike other love stories, in this, there will be a happy ending. Currently, there is only one season of this anime.

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