Ace the Haze of Interview

The internship season has almost arrived, within a few months, many companies will be coming to your campuses with internship opportunities and placements for final year students. As we go by the current economic scenario, face to the face interview process is not feasible. Many companies might opt for the online interview through skype, zoom etc. But still, you guys can work to win over the interview fear. (You never know this lockdown period might turn fruitful to you.)

For Freshmen and Sophomore

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Internships are a demonstrated method to increase applicable information, aptitudes, and experience while setting up significant associations in the field. Entry-level positions are additionally an approach to consider making the plunge and see whether a particular field is something you could see yourself doing full time.

For Final Year Students Who Will Be Sitting for Placements

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Well….interview would help you fetch the job but I think its role ends here for most of the purpose. It is then determined by how you perform in training and job. Placement interviews give an initial assessment of your skill and this might help in your position (technology, salary etc.) at the beginning but after then your career is driven by your performance.

Here is the list of some sites where you can improve and master the art of answering questions in the interview.

1. Ambitionbox

2. AceTheInterview

3. Geeksforgeeks

4. Gainlo

5. Careercup

6. Indiabix

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