Today, I met my cousin and I was surprised to know about his coin collection, it just blew my mind and I am sure that you all will also be amazed by it.

I will try to give you a glimpse of the collection. He, not only has a huge book loaded with Indian currency coins but has coins from around the globe. coming back to the Indian coin currency, from the coins of the Mughal period to 2018, there is a vast variety of coins of the same amount (including some special edition coins like the 50th anniversary of un, the first war of independence etc). He has been collecting them from 2015. He has about 140 Indian currency coins and all of them are different from each other.

Let’s talk about the numbers , he has 2 coins from the Mughal empire from the 17th century , 1 quarter anna (1940) , 1 ek paisa (1953) , 1 teen paisa (1964) , 3 paanch paisa coins (1966-1972), 4 das paisa (1971-1988), 4 bees paisa (1968-1982), 2 25 paisa (1974-1988), 11 50 paisa coins (1961-2011), 30 one rupee coins(1862-2018), 22 2 rupee coins(1982-2017), 49 5 rupee coins (1989-2017), 13 ten rupee coins (2006-2017).

If we go by the currency of each coin then it is worth 500 rupees, but the actual worth is yet to be estimated. the mint of the country is stated in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Noida. A huge amount of coins are being produced from Mumbai and Kolkata mints. These mints leave a mark which is used to recognise the manufacturing of the coin.

If the space below the date is empty then it is from Kolkata mint .the Mumbai mint has a few marks to show its manufacturing like diamond shape below the date, letter “B” below the date(after 1996 they were minted by “M” instead of “B”). hyderabad coins were minted by split diamond below the date. Talking about the material of the coins, some are made of silver(old coins like the 1 rupee coin of 1862).

In current circulation, the various denominations are minted in doff metals

  1. 50 paisa, Re 1, 2: stainless steel

  2. Rs 5: nickel brass

  3. Rs 10: Bi-Metallic Copper-nickel centre in Aluminium-bronze ring

  4. Other then these they are other old issues which are still in circulation like

  5. Re 1: copper-nickel or stainless steel variants

  6. Rs 2: Copper-nickel

  7. Rs 5: copper-nickel or stainless steel variants

  8. Old 50 paisa is out of our circulation due to high-value copper nickel usage and valuation

All of his collection is really very amazing and mind-blowing. It is a different feeling seeing the same 5 rupee coin in a different form.

One would never come to know that the coin he/she are using exists in so many different forms or designs you may say . to some it is just a coin to spend but to some it is a story in itself about the changing picture of the nation, occurrences of some events or memories related to that coin . these coins told the story of our country, from the Mughals to the 72 years of independence and everything in between is a journey of the growth of the heritage of our country. I consider myself lucky that I am able to witness such a great collection and felt really proud seeing the transformation of my nation as a currency is not just a piece of paper or metal , it represents the entire nation. It is good to know about the money we are spending very casually, every penny has a story behind it.

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