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Sucker Punch Productions is coming up with one of the most anticipated games of 2020 “Ghost of Tsushima”. This game will be PlayStation exclusive. After watching the PlayStation’s state of play, I can admit that this game will reach the people’s expectations. Sucker Punch Productions has clearly stated, “They are a huge fan of samurai cinema, so they want others to feel their favourite samurai by playing this game”.


Story of this game set on Tsushima island,1274. Where Mongolians have conquered most of the countries and they are going to capture the Tsushima, but a samurai clan stood against them. During that war, the clan faces the brutal defeat. Jin (protagonist) was one of the survivors, who lost everything in that war as his world got completely debilitated. He finds a way by changing his fighting style and completely turning himself a “ghost”, a fighting style which is similar to ninja emphasizes on stealth attacks and creating fear among the enemies. By doing this he wants to defeat Mongols and prevent the further invasion of Mongols. 


Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world game without a mini-map. Usually open-world game has mini-map but this game doesn’t. This game wants you to explore the map of Tsushima in various ways. Navigation in an open-world game show in mini-map or on the road, but in this forest will navigate the character by guiding winds.


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Combat in this game gives you two opportunities for playing. First, like samurai, facing their enemy face to face waiting for their enemy to strike first. Second as a ghost, facing enemies by finding short openings and performing stealth kills. Creating fear among their enemies.

Character customization is a lot different in this game. For changing the colour of the character’s dress you need to find the “dye flower” of the respective colour.

Samurai cinema is a new feature in this game which makes you feel like you are playing your favourite samurai. It is a black-white screen with windy weather.  

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