A Plea

A teenager, a real trouble to deal with Like a pesky little annoying kid. Stubborn and insolent by nature, Count on them to put everyone in danger. They put their future in a labyrinth Destruction is just away a blink Never listen to anyone but themselves, The things they do are quite reckless. All this is what people have said For years and years, over tea and bread. A teenager is seen as a rebel But does anybody really dwell, On what we teenagers are truly? Why is our every act seen as folly? Oh! People of this world, I speak to you, Listen to the words put before you We are not as bad as you make us out to be Inside we are scared and sad and lonely. Your continuous nagging makes us hectic And the end can be very tragic. All the pressure which upon is hit, Breaks us down bit by bit. The hard, emotionless mask on our face Melts down with tears and grimace. This unbearable pain makes us lost We then make the wrong choices and what not! So, this a plea to an adult from a teenager Let us try and understand each other Don’t ignore what we have to say, Or else we will be the ones that’ll pay. We respect you and your advice So listen to us, if not always, once in a while. We assure you there will be no regret, Just show our choices a little respect. It’s our dreams to be woven. It’s our life; it’s what we have chosen.                                      -Deepali Singh

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