A Nayak in the Mughal Era

In a battle with the cunning Sher Shah Suri near Benares, losing to the powerful army Humayun betrayed by his brothers Kamran and Hindal. The emperor’s horse slipped and both fell into the river. The horse drowned and the emperor was hurt.

The emperor being tossed in the river was seen by a water carrier of the lower caste called Nizam. The man who admired Humayun and thought of him as the only hope for a better future vowed to save the drowning emperor. He bravely swam and saved the king with the help of his inflated buffalo-skin water bag. The wounded king was protected by the carrier till the shore.

King was so impressed and moved by Nazims bravery and courage. He told him that when he’ll be back to Agra and after regaining the throne I’ll give you my throne for a day. The king named him the Saviour of himself dubbed him as the Saviour of Moghul Emperor.

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The Nizam a humble man was pleased by the King’s gesture and humbly refused the offer telling him that his safety was the only reward.

Emperor Humayun insisted on his offer and praised him for his lobe and loyalty. On gaining back his throne the king kept his promise. The Nizam sat on the throne for one day. His bravery and courage made him the Nayak of the Mughal India.

The Emperor kept his promise and Nizam did sit on the throne of the Emperor of India for one day and give orders and make appointments for a short time.

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