A Letter To Critics From A Marvel Fan

Dear Critics

It’s been too long since you gave good reviews to any DC Comics movie and I thought I should write to you to see how everything is. So how are you and I hope every critic is doing fine and giving mixed reviews to DC movies.

As a comic book fan, it hurts when you give negative reviews to comic book films, even if it is appreciated by the public. Like in the case of Venom, it was awarded the 28% score on Tomatometer but still, it was appreciated by the audience and it becomes one of the highest grossing comic book films, similarily with Suicide Squad, with the negative word of mouth from you guys, it was appreciated by the audience and many people filed a complaint against Rotten Tomatoes for giving such a low score.

I don’t know what you expect from a film or what key elements you see in the film but at least you should give valid points not lame reasons. Like one of your colleagues said that “There was too much water in Aquaman and actors are just pretending to swim in the computer-generated imagery”.  But for your kind information, aqua in title Aquaman means water, and if you feel that actors are pretending to swim on the big screen than you should start finding real Atlantis like Dr Shin so that you can provide the studio with real Atlanteans who can make the sequel more realistic.

I hope after reading the letter, you so-called critics will start providing a valid reason for not liking the film.

Yours Faithfully