“A Head Full Of Dreams”- Trailer Released

Good News for the Coldplay fans, this year Coldplay will release a new documentary called A Head Full of Dreams, which charts their two decades together so far.  This documentary is directed by Mat Whitecross, who’s been filming the band since the birth of the Coldplay. The documentary will release exclusively on Amazon Prime Videos on 16 November 2018 in the US, Australia, NewZealand and UK. The film will be available globally soon and it will hit the theatre worldwide o 14 November.

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(Click the above picture to watch the trailer)

Whitecross the director of the Documentary met the four members of the band in college in London before they’d formed the group and according to a release announcing the project he’s been there “from the very first rehearsal in a cramped student bedroom” all the way through today, directing video for the songs “Paradise,” “A Sky Full of Stars” and “Adventure of a Lifetime.”

Some facts about Coldplay (For non-Coldplay Fans)

  1. They have changed their name twice, started as Pectoralz than Starfish.

  2. They don’t do endorsements. They have turned down many contracts

  3. Their hit song SHiver was recorded in one take.

  4. Chris Martin the lead singer of the band can sing backwards.

  5. The band has sold 65 million records worldwide.

  6.  They didn’t collaborate with Rihana after the song “Princess of China”.

  7. Coldplay bought a bakery in London and made it to Coldplay HQ.

  8. Mylo Xyloto broke the record for the most digital copies.

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