“A Forceful Decision”: Manto

A great person said, ” Words have so much power that it can create emotions, words can do a lot to a person.”  SImilarily, Saadat Hasan Manto the master of words wrote some beautiful piece of literature in his writing career. He was a writer, playwright, novelist, and short story writer. His short stories like Khol Do, Khali Salwar, Tanda Ghosht was among the most controversial piece of literature. Manto was praised by many Indian Directors and Producers.

The film begins with his short story about a girl who is traded to older people without her knowledge that she is being traded. The films revolve around Manto and his controversial writings. He was sued by many organization and people for his stories. Manto believed that the way he sees the world is far different from others. He always tried to show the truth about the society and all the things happening around us.

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Director Nandita Das has shown the whole life of Manto, and how he dealt with all misfortunes. The storyline, screenplay, and direction take the film to another level. It’s a treat for biopic lovers.

Rating: 4.5/5

(there is an irony in the title, people who have seen this film will understand.)

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