Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal. Pornography may be presented in a variety of media including books, magazines, postcards, photographs, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, writing, film, video, and video games. This generally means that porn can come to its viewers in any type and form. What is porn addiction? An addiction is something which rules over your mind and you cannot control its desire. A situation where one tends to feel as if he/she control their desire while they themselves are in control. Porn addicts often lose interest in meeting friends and family while they give more priority to their passion for porn exploration. Everything is good and appreciated up-to their permissible limit. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t watch porn as one should be aware of it but, watching in excess is harmful physically as well as mentally. Porn generally tends to create a different you. You enter into your fantasy world where you are the protagonist and enjoy it, further leading to waste of your crucial time and energy. I personally believe that porn destroys the society in totality. We humans do not view it as a common phenomenon rather we tend to learn the different things they portray and enjoy brutalism and excruciating pain they involve. That’s the thing you know! We prefer to enjoy seeing and causing pain in any form and the ways it could come from. The various contents they display is the root cause of weathering out respect from our world. Is it alarming? Even though addiction to porn is not declared as a mental illness, addiction to it has its own harmful effects to physical as well as mental well-being. People talk with disrespect and vulgarity to others. Their intentions involve brutality and nudity.

Men are generally having wolf eyes and are so desperate to find acquaintance that they see every woman with vulgarity pouring out of their eyes and mouth. Many of them are hungry and ready to feed upon females. Let me share an incident of my friend who used to watch porn on a regular basis. He was in his teens and was a regular viewer of porn and its different categories. What he mostly watched was the step videos. He used to fantasize that if he would try on his sisters, they’d agree. This was the point in his life which he couldn’t judge properly and interpret the most likely consequences. He was so deep into his fantasy world that he couldn’t stop himself from laying his filthy and disgusting intentions on his family. As a result of which he made a terrible mistake for which he is not able to forgive himself. Now each and every time he meets his family, he feels a sense of uncomfort while hugging and kissing his sisters out of love. Though he has realized his mistake and accepts his terrible deed, he is giving his all in to make everything okay between him and his sisters. But, what’s done is done. One can never undo what’s been done. What he can do is regret his decisions and appreciate the difference. Mourning for the past wouldn’t help. He needs to focus on the future and try to be a nice and worthy man.

Not only my friend but, there are many people who have committed terrible deeds with other people if not with their own families. It’s a matter of who you are. Don’t be a monster, rather be a more mature and understanding human being. Be sensitive and emotional. Start respecting every individual and don’t be wolf eyed. So, porn destroys relations, relationships, innocence, and ideologies. I’d advice all the porn addicts to stop watching porn immediately as it destroys your life and the life of your loved ones. It completely changes the way one perceives different situations and the way of tackling them. I know what my friend is going through at the moment. He’s so guilty that he thinks again and again before doing anything. It’s that sense of fear that he feels of losing his sister and family for his entire life. I know that he’s a changed man now. God knows he loves his family more than anything else in the world and would make the impossible possible for them. Now, after he has quit watching porn, he respects every individual and shows maturity and worthiness to be trusted. Still, that guilt will always remain with him and he will never be able to walk without it following him.

So, I’d really want you to rethink your decision and brainstorm yourself about the consequences of your misusing the facilities provided to you for educational and awareness purposes. Please don’t let your family down and especially those who show hope, confidence in you. If not for yourself do it for the ones who look up to you as a hope and strength and as a person who’d support them when they need you the most. Always remember that your family will only be there in your worst times as well as your good times. They’ll always appreciate you for good and make you aware of your loose ends. They’d never pull you down if you’ll progress. Others will be a contributing part to your sorrow and mourning. The family is the basic infrastructure on which successful people built their dreams and accomplish them. Also, it’s never too late to consult someone in your family. Sometimes your cousins and siblings show you the right path and educate you about the pros and cons of the subject matter. Try and be open to some in your family who you can blindly trust and love. It’s time to change the way you look at others and start introspecting where you are or were wrong. Utilise your leisure time for something more productive and innovative. Increase your knowledge and start participating in social and family issues and be a responsible person.

Always remember that other people could also have vulgar and brutal thoughts towards your loved ones if you’re having some for others. Be decent and sophisticated.

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