I wake up to an empty phone Amazon says it has a sale Yet, I feel discounted every day With everything Why do I not want to bail? I wear my best clothes To attract people who don’t care Not a bother, never aware Why is this life not fair? You gave me everything, but never enough You made me for greatness, but never to be great enough The girl I loved, gets married to someone else And I watch with weakness Not even having the strength to cough Why would you not let me have her? To turn these thoughts away I hope to sway But her smiling face, and those brown eyes Remind me of fidelity And make it too tough to say goodbye Why would you not let me have love? Mind you, I don’t complain For all these things you’ve given me Have never truly been in vain You gave me the loudest noise of all Silence You gave me the thing that everyone wants Solace You gave me the thing that no one haunts Immortality! So for never giving me enough, I plot against you I turn to your enemy with your lively breaths In hopes to defeat you I embrace death But you never gave me enough I pick a knife to dig into my veins But you didn’t give me my fucking legs or hands! Anonymous

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