3rd Most Dangerous Country

Since India is ranked 3rd among the top most dangerous country for women’s to live,

It’s the high-time to talk about the security of the women of our country, our sister, our daughter, wife or mother how safe they are in the country where an 8 yrs. old girl was raped, we live in a country where 24,923 cases were reported in 2012 and out of that 98 % were committed by someone known to victim.

It is troubling enough that such a small proportion of reported rapes make it to court, worse still that so few victims come forward in the first place. But most disturbing of all is the reason why so many people keep their suffering to themselves: because they do not think they will be believed. That rape is still a dirty secret, hedged about with so much blame and shame that victims feel they cannot come forward is the testament to how far we still have to go.

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There are, of course, great legal difficulties in rape trials. Sexual assault is one of the few crimes where proof lies not in the physical facts of the matter, but in the subjective intentions of those involved. One person’s word against another’s, with no corroborating witnesses, is highly problematic for a legal system predicated on the concepts of innocent until proven guilty and proof beyond reasonable doubt.

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Part of the problem is the myth that rape is primarily a threat to the streets at night. Far from it. In fact, rape rarely occurs in the proverbial dark alley. The truth is both more banal, and more appalling: two-thirds of victims know their attacker, and assaults commonly take place in the home of either the victim or rapist. Perpetrators rely on shame to keep their crime secret. Too often they are proved right. And if the conspiracy of silence is a problem for women who are raped, it is even worse for men.

Only talking about it or debating over chat shows won’t help us to make any difference, it’s the high time that someone needs to take action against it we can’t let it happen to the girls of the country where they are prayed on the one side and raped on the other….

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