17 Days Left, What to do Now?

On 24th of March, there was an announcement by the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the country will be locked down for 21 days regarding the pandemic situation COVID-19.

I know many of you will be thinking this only; I got 17 days, What should I do?

Watched Netflix, Prime videos and now I’m getting hell bore and it will go for another couple of weeks. -Aam Jantaa

How should I help myself?

Okay let’s start by noting all the points.

  1. What do I like to do in my free time usually?

  2. What are my hobbies?

  3. What is my interest?

  4. What all thing I can do while sitting at home>

First do these things. Make a list.

Start by eliminating the things that you don’t have and will require you to go out.


The Best Home Exercises For All Levels | Coach
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The first and the foremost thing which is required right now and also days after that is exercise. Before this situation we were spending our time in ways like going to the gym, yoga classes, going for work, travelling in the metro, chilling with friends and even doing household work which made some sort of physical activity. Which we cannot do now.

You can do some things to remain fit.

  1. Start your day by doing 90 jumps. It is an effective way to get energized and don’t feel lethargic all day.

  2. Some gym exercises that you can do in the house. You can check this link https://youtu.be/P_SZpxUx3xw

  3. You can do Yoga. This thing helps in long term basis. If you’re are already doing it very well otherwise you can start it.


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You got 21 days. You can work on your hobbies and interest. Or develop a new hobby. Psychology also says if you do something continuously for 21 days it becomes your hobby.

Learning new things will help you adding in your resume and you can also stand apart.

  1. You can start cooking if you like to do it. You can help your family members in that. Basic things are good to work on.

  2. You can learn something like a computer course. This will help you adding in your resume.

These were some things that you can do while sitting at home and there will be more also but you need to to find it out. This doesn’t require you to move out.

Complete your pending work.

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This is the best time to complete your pending work and get start to a new beginning. All those things you thought will do after few days or when you’ll get free time, you can complete it now.

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